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Internet of Things Platform and Data Analytics

Established in 2009, we are one of the leading Systems Engineering company in India, providing real-time environment monitoring solutions and developing platforms and software to support these solutions

Connect your devices and systems and analyze data to enable you to take decisions

We offer custom IoT platform for monitoring your real time monitoring assets. Our customers have the flexibility of on-premise or cloud deployment. We also provide solutions integrated with Microsoft Azure IoT based on customer requirements. Our systems are currently deployed in India, Middle East and Singapore

Hardware Independent

Our IoT platform has capability to read data from any device over any types of network including LAN, WAN, GPRS, Radio using varied protocols. It only take a few minutes for integrating your existing data logging system to our IoT Platform.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

Contact us to understand how we can reduce your overall cost of data management, transfer, and ownership. Using our pay per use model, you can now pay only for the number of devices and the amount of data transfer.


Connect Unlimited Devices

There is now no restriction of the number of devices that you can monitor. With running case studies of more than a Million Devices processing data at a frequency of less than a minute we have one of the few IoT Solutions in the world that are proven for handling volume based real time data.