Real-time Water Level, Quality Monitoring, Contamination and Bacterial Detection

We work with our International Partners to provide world class water quality monitoring solutions real time contamination and bacteria detection and real time ground water level monitoring solutions solutions

Online Water Level Monitoring​

Ground and Surface Water Level Monitoring with a Battery-Powered Data Logger​

We provide a sumbersible pressure sensor and datalogger for level measurement in surface and groundwater applications. This is designed for remote monitoring and recording of water level or pressure data.

Combined with a highly energy-efficient battery-operated data logger, you can have your stand-alone water level monitoring stations running unattended for years.

Online Water Quality Monitoring

Drinking, Surface, Ground, Influent and Effluent Monitoring

We provide comprehensive solutions for monitoring your water quality network with specialized sensors to monitor physical, chemical and organic paramters

In addition the regulated parameters for online monitoring like BOD, COD, TSS, Cr, As, pH & Flow for all the types of Industries, our sensors are also able to measure parameters such as TOC, DOC, Turbidity, DO, NH4-N, NO3-N, AOC & Color.


Online monitor of total and specific bacteria activity (E.coli and coliform) in water

The BACTcontrol is an “early warning system,” complementing the officially accepted methods for the detection of microbiological activity. The measurements are realized in a short period of time, 1-2 hours, depending on the sampling volume and cleaning procedures. This is in contrast to classical microbiological methods, which are labor-intensive and in which cultivation of the organisms is required, taking several days before obtaining reliable results (24-48 hours).

The BACTcontrol is an online automated instrument for the detection of microbiological activity in water. It measures the specific enzymatic activities of β-galactosidase (coliforms), β-glucuronidase (E. coli), and alkaline phosphatase (total activity, biomass) as an indicator of the presence of bacterial contamination. The enzyme activity is detected by adding reagents (consumables) that contain a fluorescent indicator. The reagents are substrate-specific for the enzyme to be detected, meaning that there is an increase in fluorescence when the enzyme is present in the sample.

The BACTcontrol 2.0 is the new version based on the same patent (EU 08756847.3 (2 165 193) and US 8,518,246 B2) and is already in use with renown water utilities and research institutes

You can contact us at sales@techspaneng.com or write to our partner at sales@microlan.nl for references and applications.


Integrated On-line Toxicity Monitoring System

It still is not possible to use the traditional chemical analyses alone to get a complete view of the water quality.

The most important reasons why to use On-line biomonitoring systems are:

  • Traditional analyses are only possible for a small number of the dangerous chemical substances, even with the latest highly sophisticated instruments.
  • It is estimated that only about 5% of the existing toxic chemicals in water can be analysed by on-line monitors.
  • Concentrations of many products are lower then the detection limits.
  • Results of traditional, chemical analyses give no information regarding the toxicity of the combined effects of mixtures.


Portable Biomonitoring System

The TOXmini can be used in the laboratory (also in combination with the optional cooling block) and as a field system running on the recharchable internal batteries. It is also an ideal solution to be used in conjunction with TOXControl because it uses the same reagents (freeze-dried bacteria, blank solution and positive control).

The application areas include Intake protection for drinkingwater companies, Waste water checking: (influent and effl uent measurements), Process water security control for food applications for HACCP applications , Off-line control, validation, and verification of the results of the TOXcontrol, testing the sensitivity of the luminescent bacteria (Vibrio fischeri), off-line comparison with the on-line TOXcontrol, QA/QC applications of bacteria and reagents and Other toxicity applications.